Where do I even begin? There aren’t words sufficient enough to express my gratitude toward you. The journey of purchasing our home was one of the toughest we were walked through – you continued to press on and didn’t give up. You are a miracle worker. I don’t think you could quite understand what it means to us to finally be in our home again. Thank you for all that you did and make that happen!
– Amanda R.

I was a first-time homebuyer, I had 45 days to find a house and move in before my family and I were homeless. I met Chris 3-4 years prior to buying, and over the years he kept up with me via phone call or email throughout that time, even though I had told him that I wasn’t in the market. But in my time of need I called him and told him my situation. We found a house that matched our needs and price range. On October 30, 2014 we submitted our offer. . . . We moved into our home December 5th! In 35 days, Chris Jacobsen worked with me from 7am until sometimes 8pm and on weekends if needed. And at this time, he did not have a secretary, so with little help from his friends in his office he helped me and my family move into our home in the perfect time. God bless Chris Jacobsen for all that he does and his work ethic to a committed, positive, timely, and accurate experience to anyone who walks through his door. From start to finish, he worked numbers and miracles, got the best rates available, and jumped through hoops working with pain in the A** banks. I absolutely recommend Fairway Independent Mortgage to anyone. Thank you, Chris. You are an incredible person that truly cares about your customers and it is admirable. I wish you all the best and can’t wait to do it again someday.
– Jacob M.

Chris was fabulous! The process was easy. If Chris can’t get it done it can’t be done.
– Teresa R.

I have bought two houses through Chris Jacobson at Fairway Independent Mortgage. He is very easy to work with and really knows what he’s doing. I would highly recommend him to anyone.
– Bill S.

Chris Jacobson went above and beyond for us helping us deal with our loan. He made sure that we were getting the best loan possible and when my credit score went up due to a car loan being paid off. He caught it in time to get us switched to a different loan that was better for us. If we ever decided to sell the house we will be going back to see Chris.
– Miranda G.

My husband and I have known Chris for 24 years and have worked with him with buying and selling four houses. His service is fast, friendly and he will work hard at getting the right loan for you. I would recommend him to anyone.
– Mary C.